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1. Choose the month you would like to advertise in

Are you proactive or reactive when it comes to marketing?

There are two different approaches to marketing - do you plan ahead for future campaigns (proactive) or wait till business drops off and look for a quicker influx of work (reactive)? Expose Yourself Letterbox Distribution is ideally setup for proactive business models and can cater for reactive most of the time. The simple truth is people who are proactive in their marketing tend to get better results overall as like anything in life, consistency is the key.  

2. Call or check online for the delivery dates for the month needed

Expose Yourself has a fixed delivery run covering each suburb in the Redlands & Wakerley once per month (Sheldon on request). Click here for our 2014 delivery timetable. Our proven delivery system provides reliability, consistency and the ability to cater for target marketing for any business size. With no minimum amount to deliver required, you can target as many or as few homes as you like in any region you like in the Redlands or Wakerley. Instead of one bulk drop of brochures, when covering all of the Redlands, you get a full months worth of advertising instead of a couple of days.

3. Book your delivery in with Expose Yourself on 0406 665 709

Booking delivery first is the key to proactive marketing. How much time you then have on design and printing as well as the number needed to print can be quickly determined by knowing the dates and suburbs the brochures are required for. We can do artwork in house at no charge or let your chosen designer know the date the artwork is required by. We have trade printers who can cater for 3-5 workday standard turnaround, or who can ship them to us overnight if required - all at trade print prices. Expose Yourself staff can help you meet your campaign deadlines and achieve the best results for your advertising dollar. With highly skilled designers, only the highest quality printers and the best delivery service, we'll get your name out there - guaranteed!

4. Choose your designer and start on the design process - we offer free design in house

5. Let your designer know the date the print file is required by

6. Send the print file to

7. Organize payment for the print asap via paypal, credit card or direct deposit

8. Your print order will be placed on receipt of payment and artwork

9. Expose Yourself will deliver your products to your areas given - guaranteed!

10. Call 0424 004 405 or visit our delivery updates page 24/7 to track your delivery

11. Speak direct with the deliverers anytime - please don't hesitate to call or email

12. Expose Yourself will invoice you for the delivery completed at the end of delivery.

13. If you don't mind, we like to check in with you to hear your results!

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