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All Local Design - Print - Delivery - Guaranteed!

A comparison of four local print / delivery services based on:

10 000 DL brochures, full colour, double sided, 150gsm gloss, printed & delivered in Redland City

Prices current as at September 2018 and are based on direct quotes from competitors websites / Social Media and are subject to change without notice.

Expose Yourself Letterbox

Distribution - Redlands

Print: 287.00

Delivery: 300.00

Total: 587.00

Artwork Free

Local Bayside Printer

who also offer distribution

Print: 624.00

Delivery: 330.00

Total: 954.00

Artwork Extra

LDN (Local Direct Network)

Print: 441.00

Delivery: 660.00

Total: 1101.00

Artwork Extra

BMA - Logan

(prices as at Sept 2018)

On cheap 130 gsm not 150gsm gloss

Print: 273.90 (thin 130gsm)

Delivery: $418.00

Total: $773.90

Artwork Extra

We are the ONLY print & delivery company to offer;

* Trade print prices to all of our customers;

* No minimum delivery;

* A 100% money back delivery guarantee;

* A delivery rate that reduces the more you deliver!

Plan ahead, save thousands every year and get the best results!

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