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Frequently Asked Questions

Does letterbox delivery work for every business?

In short, yes, however results will differ significantly from industry to industry.

Businesses that provide day to day living needs, mobile services, home services, competitively priced services and quality workmanship definitely do better than many others.

Does the timing of my delivery make a difference to my results?

Most definitely! Like anything, planning ahead definitely gives you a better result. Think about the type of service you are providing, the peak times and quieter times. Our list of marketing ideas can help you come up with proven sales suggestions that can run at any time of the year to keep your business name out there and draw customers to you in a creative and recognizable way.

How much does it cost?

You would be absolutely amazed at the scale of pricing for this industry. Sadly, research has showed that paying more for this service in no way guarantees you a better result at all, often quite the opposite.

Can I target certain areas or do I have to deliver in bulk?

With Expose Yourself, you can deliver as little or as many brochures as you like. We do not set a minimum. Target marketing really helps you to connect direct with your primary customers and put your advertising dollar to it's full potential. At Expose Yourself, we can help you with all your target marketing needs.

Why are Expose Yourself's prices so cheap compared to other providers?

The Director of Expose Yourself grew up in a family owned and operated business and knows all too well how hard business owners work in order to establish and sustain their businesses. Expose Yourself staff are dedicated to providing not only the best service GUARANTEED for the delivery of your products, but ensuring through quality design and trade print prices, that this reliable form of advertising is now a readily available and affordable marketing tool for many businesses. Your success is our success. 

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